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using every day oils (part two)

Yesterday I shared with you about some really fantastic oils and some common uses for them. I’ll talk more about this in tomorrow’s post, but I bought these healing oils as part of the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Yesterday I introduced Lavender, Purification, Joy, Frankincense, and Lemon oils. There are tons of reasons to love each of these and I have a personal success story with many of them. Today I will introduce the last half of bottles in the Premium Starter Kit. The rest of the bottles in the Kit are  Pan Away, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Valor, Peppermint, and Stress Away.

Pan Away I’ll be honest, I haven’t used much of this one, but I haven’t been in much pain since we got the oils. I can’t wait to go back to my hometown and use this on my Papaw’s arthritic hand! For the sake of full disclosure, it does kinda smell like bengay, but thankfully it works similar to it as well! Pan Away is a blend by Young Living made with wintergreen, clove, helichrysum, and peppermint oils. It is a hot oil and should be kept away from children’s chest. This great blend is extra effective in conjunction with Valor (see more information about Valor below).  If pain is really bad, use Valor first, then Pan Away, and Peppermint last. Pan Away is also great by itself for the following reasons:

  • headaches put this on your thumb and press your thumb to the roof of your mouth
  • growing pains and sciatica rubbed on pained area with carrier oil.
  • arthritis
  • sore muscles this would go perfect in a warm bath with epsom salts
  • increase circulation
  • bruising
  • inflammation


Peace & Calming Oh how we love this at our house! This oil made my husband a believer! My husband was supportive of my oily journey from the beginning, but the very first night we had our Starter Kit, we diffused lavender at bed time and put Peace and Calming on our feet. The very first thing that Nate said the following morning was, “That stuff really works. I mean I still woke up a few times during the night, but I dreamed! I never dream.” When Nate doesn’t use Peace & Calming, he always regrets it the following morning because he doesn’t sleep as deeply. Peace & Calming is also great at:

  • aiding sleep I put this on my feet because it is a great absorption site
  • ADHD & Autism there are so many oils that have been shown to help symptoms of autism, I could point you in several directions if you need help with this (email me!).
  • asthma and bronchitis rubbed on chest neat or with carrier
  • teeth grinding on feet vita flex points
  • depression/anxiety
  • overactive pets Peace & Calming smells great when diffused, calming when inhaled (win-win!).


Thieves Another one of Nate’s favs. He likes the smell and the name :). The legend of Thieves goes that during the time of the black plague, there were robbers (thieves!) who would go into the homes of those who had already died. To remind you, the black plague was pretty contagious–like they would just burn homes to contain the plague instead of properly 28DA5705-815C-4ABB-ABC0-C9E25EB30F1Adisposing and taking care of dead bodies. Anyway, these robbers would remain healthy. The reason is that these people knew of a specific blend of spices that would protect them from the plague. Young Living’s blend is based upon this legend. Thieves is great in your body, around your home, and even outside the home! I use Thieves for cleaning, for diffusing, and for keeping away pre-flu season yuckiness. This awesomeness of Thieves is not limited to, but includes the following:

  • antibacterial properties Thieves has been shown to kill 99.96% of bacteria
  • sickness prevention a few drops of thieves in hot tea, diffuse for inhalation, a drop under the tongue (hot oil!)
  • strep throat gargle with water
  • cold sores
  • cold and flu for diffusing, under tongue
  • kills airborne bacteria by diffusing
  • disinfectant on surfaces make your own cleaning products! (recipe to come)
  • supports mouth health helps fight gingivitis, swish like mouthwash!
  • insect repellant I just spray my thieves cleaner in nooks and crannies near windows and such
  • soothe a sore throat hot water, lemon, thieves, and honey


Valor  Valor is a blend from Young Living that is often called “an adjustment in a bottle.” I mentioned Valor earlier as working well in conjunction with Pan Away. Many have found success using Valor on their back before and after a chiropractic visit, and they find that the adjustment comes easier and stays longer. One of my mentors, Ladonna Beals, had a large hump in her back that didn’t let her sit up straight (among other complications). She attributes her ability to stand up straight with virtually no hump to her using Valor (and Pan Away).

  • snoring rub on the bottom of your big toe on your right foot–crazy, but true!
  • back pain apply neat to hurting area
  • emotional strength
  • bed wetting/nightmares diffuse or apply to feet at night (for children under 10, always dilute essential oils)
  • sciatica
  • sleep apnea
  • TMJ
  • thyroid balance apply directly


Peppermint-Leaves-231x300Peppermint This is another favorite oil at our house! My husband and I get up early a few mornings every week to go work out. Nate applies a drop of peppermint under the tongue and I swear it wakes us up! I mean, our bodies are still tired, but we aren’t sleepy anymore! The first morning Nate put peppermint under his tongue, I had been up late the night before, didn’t get up early with him to go to the gym, and had full intentions of napping a little longer once he left for work. I gave him a goodbye kiss at the door and that was all it took! I couldn’t go back to sleep! Amazing. If you haven’t tuned in to the blog for this entire  series this week, you may have missed a couple of fun facts about peppermint essential oil.  For example, in tests in Japan, when peppermint and lemon oil were diffused in an office and testing environments, those observed made fewer errors (clerical) in their work. Also, one drop of YL peppermint oil has the potency of 24 cups of peppermint tea. So cool. I have also had a lot of success using peppermint oil when I have a headache, to keep it from becoming a migraine.

Don’t forget that peppermint is a hot oil…that means that it may be more comfortable for you if it is diluted with a carrier oil on your skin. With all oils and children, they need to be applied to their sweet, sensitive skin with a carrier. Also, be very careful with children’s trunk and chest areas with hot oils. This can negative effect their respiratory system and breathing. Here’s some reasons why peppermint is awesome; it can help you with:

  • headaches
  • allergies
  • nasua, motion sickness, morning sickness, and stomach bugs applied directly to belly or inhale it!
  • indigestion, gas, and acid reflux my mentor Ladonna, who I mentioned earlier, used to have severe acid reflux. She applies peppermint oil to her stomach from sternum to belly button and she puts the oil in hot water in the evening to create a tea. She lives free of reflux and Tums now!
  • concentration
  • eczema and psoriasis
  • pain relief
  • fevers


Stress Away Holy Canoli, I LOVE Stress Away! Before I received my Starter Kit, I heard many people talking about how great Joy smelled and how many people use Joy as a perfume. I highly recommend Stress Away as a perfume! I love it!! It has vanilla and lime notes in it that are delicious. I just keep the bottle in my purse at all times. When I apply this, Nate always asks, “Are you stressed?” and I almost always say, “Nope, I just love the smell.” He says that he always asks just for that one time that I am stressed ;). Stress Away is actually a “bonus oil” with the Premium Starter Kit. If you choose to join YL, know that we are more special than those of Starter Kits past…we get a bonus oil! haha.

  • stress relief for humans and animals
  • PMS headache relief
  • ADHD
  • many stories with Stress Away success are connected to emotional issues: constipation from stress, interview anxiety relief, tantrums from children in new situations, etc.


Are you intrigued? Do you deal with any of the stresses or ailments that I’ve mentioned the last couple of days?  Do you wish for a natural alternative to help you get healthier? Come back and see me tomorrow for more information.



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Disclaimer: All opinions made above are my own and not necessarily reflective of Young Living or others associated with Young Living. I am an Independent Distributer. These statements and sources have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The above is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek guidance from your doctor before incorporating anything new into your lifestyle.

Photo Cred: Mama Marcie and Scent & Scentabilities