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My hope after reading about essential oils in general, why Young Living is so great, and about how to use common oils that you are left with the thought, “Sounds awesome! How do I get my hands on these things?”

Side note to help you understand me:

Please know my heart about Young Living essential oils: my heart is for your health, wealth, and abundance in Jesus. My hope is for your total wellness in your body, mind, and soul. I want you to be healthy and wise in how you live your life. I want you to seek His kingdom and His will to work through you with the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe that the oils are a beautiful gift from the Lord and His seed and His soul. Do I believe that every single tiny thing about Young Living is divine? No, because humans are running the place. Do I believe that YL is giving me a product that is pretty ding dang perfect to what God gave us to heal our broken world? Yes. I know that God gave us minds, some rather good ones, and we should also use the intelligence He gave us towards wellness. Agreed! However, I also keep in mind that our bodies are temples. He gave me this body to take care of, though I struggle daily with this. I feel strong convictions against chemicals and toxins being housed in the temple of the Holy Spirit. I believe that I am to be holy (set apart), and not just spiritually or mentally, but within my body as well.

If you choose a path of more natural, God-given wellness, then please consider joining me with Young Living! My team through YL, Baby Steps to Essential Oils and Oily Temples, both provide amazing support and education for this journey! The people there are encouraging and knowledgeable, ready and willing to help. I’m also there, so I’m all these things, too! 😉

So the way this works, is that you can be a Retail Customer or you can be a Wholesale Customer. Think of this like a membership to Costco or Sams (we just switched to Costco and LOVE THEM! I’ll tell you why sometime). When we signed up with Costco, we spent $50 and we were good for a year. We spend a little bit more because we’re buying in bulk, but for unit price and in the long run, we’re saving tons of money. Hey–kinda like with natural health! So, with Young Living, it’s very similar, except you pay $150 initially, but you never have to pay that again (NO yearly fee!).

The $150 Premium Starter Kit is by far the best value for your money.  Even at wholesale prices it’s the best value! Ordering the Basic or Basic Plus kits, in my opinion, is like paying the $50 at Costco and only buying a 50 pack of pens for the entire year of your membership. Sounds silly, right? If you want to be a wholesale member, don’t be silly. Order the Premium Starter Kit. Also, there is NO OBLIGATION to become a crazed network marketer and only have friends who are Young Living friends. No obligation to tell anyone about your oils…EVER. You can just buy the kit and then just use your 24% discount all your merry days without obligation to have parties in YL honor (but if you do, invite me–I’m a hoot at parties 😉 ). The Premium Starter Kit includes:

  • The Everyday Oils Kit that’s every oil that I talked about this week, except for Stress Away, because…
  • Bonus Oil: Stress Away!
  • A Home Diffuser this thing alone is $75 and I use ours every day–no joke
  • Wholesale Membership so you get a 24% discount on all products


There is a lovely price comparison and a brief, helpful video from Baby Steps here. On this page they also go into further detail about the support provided, particularly through Facebook. If you’re ready to hop in there and order the oils this instant, then do that thang here. If you’re cool  being a retail customer, you can do that at this link, too.

Whatever you do or do not choose, tell me below! What natural, healthy alternatives work in your life? Is there something that you love so much that you’d like to dedicate a whole week of a blog to? In what ways has God healed your life (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally)?

Keep it classy,


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Disclaimer: All opinions made above are my own and not necessarily reflective of Young Living or others associated with Young Living. I am an Independent Distributer. These statements and sources have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The above is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek guidance from your doctor before incorporating anything new into your lifestyle.