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a brave momma

I have to admit that writing the title of my blog today was…different. Different like exciting and new and unexpected, but different. You see, I’m writing  today about one of my best friends, a mentor, a sister in Christ. I’ve known her at least a decade, we’ve been roommates, we’ve worked together, we’ve grown up together. Her name is Adrienne (Ace) and now she is going to be a mom. Weird.

I say it’s weird in a we’re-too-young-for-this-right? kind of way. But we are more than the age, maturity, place in our lives to nurture other humans. The thought of being a mother scares me and excites me. I’m not a mother, yet. I have just a few close friends that have started the journey of expanding their family. Ace is extra brave and extra special because she is doing this alone.

Before you start sewing a scarlet letter to a coat, let me explain something about Adrienne.  She is one of the most Christ-like, God-fearing, prayer warriors that I have ever encountered. She has a heart for ministry and especially for unreached people groups for sharing the gospel, in addition to serving those in need where she lives. She’s been on and lead dozens of mission trips overseas. Adrienne is an amazing friend, mentor, and backbone to countless people–a true gift in many people’s lives (including my life!). She partners with Compassion International often, but mostly with her wonderful and beautiful sponsor children. The Lord has impressed upon her heart to take her personal compassion a step further and adopt a specific boy from Africa, her son Micah.

She explains her story far better than me at her website, Ace Hubbard. Please join with me to pray for her journey. I hope you are inspired by her faith and encouraged by her bravery, I know I am. If you are and if you’re able to give, please give generously. She is of the body of believers and I’m proud to stand with her as she follows Christ. I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to meet Micah!

In Him,


Don’t forget to check her story and website out here. Ace’s website was constructed by BayMac Media, one of my very good friends who is a wonderful guy and a talented man with a great team of people for support!