Essential Oils

Essential oils are the life source of a plant. In my opinion, God gave us plant’s leaves, stems, and resins for our use in attempting to heal ourselves in a broken world. EO use can work on anything from replacing your over the counter medications to actually helping diminish symptoms of ailments like diabetes, depression, or arthritis. Interested? Read more below!

Introduction to Essential Oils:



YL_ID_full_colorYou can find a great group of godly, oily ladies at Baby Steps to Essential Oils and over at Oily Temples–this is who I learn from and learn with (these Oilistas are a fav, too!). If you’re ready to order oils, you can do that here. Check back often for Team Logo Purplemore information and recipes using essential oils. Email me if you need any help with the oils or the ordering process!


Disclaimer: All opinions made above are my own and not necessarily reflective of Young Living or others associated with Young Living. I am an Independent Distributer. These statements and sources have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The above is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek guidance from your doctor before incorporating anything new into your lifestyle.


Thoughts? Questions? Quips?

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