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Haunted House

I am a new mom. My sweet, decisive, adorable, fickle, precious little boy was born in August and I still often feel that I am taking this mom thing day by day.

Sleeping Finn (2mo)

sweet baby Finn

Praise Jesus I have the opportunity to stay home with Finn. When my husband and I started talking about having children, we discussed child care. Staying home with our children was something I considered, but I never thought it that I would be able to actually do it. If I did, I assumed it would only be until their preschool age. Basically, when we could all be out of the house for most of the day. I’m a teacher by trade, so I was looking forward to at least having several weeks every summer with my babes. Nate enjoyed his own mother being home with him and his siblings. He believes that her being at home enriched his life, teaching and training him, molding him into the man he is today. Once I agreed, it was as if a new dream had been revealed to me. I started to muse¬†of what it would be like to be a homemaker, making it my chief goal to let this be a true full-time job and having a house and children that reflect that. To be intentional in my duties, gracious in method, and leaning on the Lord for guidance in this new role.

So here I am. It’s nap time. I had a (second) cup of coffee, washed dishes, made the bed, started laundry, and took a shower (yay!). Halloween is tomorrow¬†and let me just say that this house is haunted. This house makes my stomach drop, my heart skip a beat, and my breath quicken. Everything sounds like a baby’s cry. The plane flying above, the water dripping into my coffee cup in the sink, the needy cat outside, my fancy-fun shower head massaging my shoulders. Everything.

Oh that really is my baby crying…until next time!