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Welcome! I'm a twenty-something wife, mom, and lover of Jesus. I love teaching, learning, and experimenting in the I'm going to write about it! Here you will find talk about God's Kingdom (crowns), recipes and solutions of all sorts for the home (kale), and a little about me (Kate). Please leave (kind) comments anytime and find me on twitter @ckandkate if you'd like to chat. Blessings!

Haunted House

I am a new mom. My sweet, decisive, adorable, fickle, precious little boy was born in August and I still often feel that I am taking this mom thing day by day.

Sleeping Finn (2mo)

sweet baby Finn

Praise Jesus I have the opportunity to stay home with Finn. When my husband and I started talking about having children, we discussed child care. Staying home with our children was something I considered, but I never thought it that I would be able to actually do it. If I did, I assumed it would only be until their preschool age. Basically, when we could all be out of the house for most of the day. I’m a teacher by trade, so I was looking forward to at least having several weeks every summer with my babes. Nate enjoyed his own mother being home with him and his siblings. He believes that her being at home enriched his life, teaching and training him, molding him into the man he is today. Once I agreed, it was as if a new dream had been revealed to me. I started to muse of what it would be like to be a homemaker, making it my chief goal to let this be a true full-time job and having a house and children that reflect that. To be intentional in my duties, gracious in method, and leaning on the Lord for guidance in this new role.

So here I am. It’s nap time. I had a (second) cup of coffee, washed dishes, made the bed, started laundry, and took a shower (yay!). Halloween is tomorrow and let me just say that this house is haunted. This house makes my stomach drop, my heart skip a beat, and my breath quicken. Everything sounds like a baby’s cry. The plane flying above, the water dripping into my coffee cup in the sink, the needy cat outside, my fancy-fun shower head massaging my shoulders. Everything.

Oh that really is my baby crying…until next time!




who I am

Last time I talked about my struggle with finding out who I am. I thought church and being a “good girl” was the answer, but it turns out that I’m a sinner and so are other church members. I thought I was a teacher, destined to teach every working day of my life and touching thousands of lives, but it turns out that most fall seasons I have not had my own classroom. I thought I was going to be a young wife to my high school/college sweetheart and have decades of marital bliss before us, but I had years of singleness filled with bitterness and rebellion towards God (it’s okay, I can say that. Jesus and I have talked about it before, I’ve repented, He’s forgiven, and I’m living a more grace-filled life now).

All those things were my plans, my expectations, my thoughts. Those ideas, intentions, and actions didn’t always line up with God’s Word but they should have, for His Word is our authority for life (Hebrews 4:12; II Timothy 3:16-17; Proverbs 30:5). Furthermore, my thoughts are not God’s thoughts (Isaiah 55:8), what He has planned for me and what He considers important is far above what I can hope or imagine (Jeremiah 29:11).

Once I realized that my identity in Christ is to live to bring Him glory, expand His kingdom, and to serve others, my life changed. It doesn’t matter who is in a church building with me on Sunday (or what they have done) as long as the Holy Spirit is there and I have the opportunity to serve others. It doesn’t matter what my job is, because my life’s work is for His kingdom, not some school district. It doesn’t matter if I’m single and free to focus on the Lord (I Corinthians 7:32), or if I’m married and working through my role as a godly wife (Ephesians 5:33). I live, work, enjoy the earth, laugh, cry, teach, learn, give, and receive all for His glory.

We have found a great church family in Nashville. Of course there are things I wish the church would add, but they are a bible-believing, God-fearing, Kingdom seeking church. I can’t ask for much more. This fall was one of those falls where I didn’t land a job as a teacher. I’ve worked a few jobs during the summer and fall, but my husband and I decided that I would stay home for a season (not sure how long that season is), but I will share why we made that decision later. Lastly, after years of singleness, I met and married my answer to prayer last year. God has blessed our marriage in so many ways that we don’t deserve. His grace has been more than sufficient with my marriage (more on that later, too!).

What has God revealed to you about your identity in Him?



who am I?

If you’re like me and a theatre nerd, in response to the title you just said “Jean Valjean!” Some of you may also hear the Casting Crowns song ringing in your heads. Seriously, though, this is something I’ve wrestled with for a while–professionally, personally, emotionally, relationally.

I want to give you some background about me. (This is by no means an exhaustive list of what life has been like or even the most important highs and lows. However, these points were important in shaping my internal conversation about who I am.)

Growing up in church and in Christian education, God and Christianity has always been a large part of my life. My journey with The Lord has had times of intimacy and distance, but He has always been a driving force for me. I spent a lot of time in middle school and high school at church, nearly idolizing my youth leaders, only to be disappointed by adultery, lies, misunderstandings, and disappointments. I questioned things like marriage, commitment, relativism, denominations, dogma, and apologetics.

My senior year of high school I started dating a boy who would eventually propose to me in Italy. He was not a mature Christian, and we both rarely attended church through college and we made many mistakes together during those four years. Five days before our wedding he said he couldn’t marry me. I questioned myself, taking on the guilt and sadness with the idea (ahem…lie) that I am unloveable. I resolved that I had so many character flaws and that if the boy who knew me best didn’t love me, then who would?

I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. In third grade, we had a long term sub who moved the teachers desk from the back of the classroom to the front. I remember thinking that was such a fantastic idea and that I would have to remember that when I got my own classroom one day. I loved all my classes and observations in college and kids have always been my favorite people group. But after I graduated I didn’t get a job teaching. Or the next year. Or the next year. Sure I moved a few times, I subbed, I was an assistant. I found favor at the schools where I worked and I learned so much. But I spent 3 years after college working in related positions to teaching in addition to waiting tables. Again I thought, “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not teaching right now?”

All of these areas of my life have mended by the grace of God. (I’ll share more later about the process, progress, and current status of these things).

So, who am I?
Throughout these seasons I was stuck on the idea of being a perfect church-going girl, a prized pet of the youth ministry, a leader who disciples those younger than her. I wanted to be a wife, married in my early twenties to my high school sweetheart. I would have been safe and secure from heart ache and uncertainty, or so I thought. My identity, work, and career can all be found in teaching. A noble and selfless profession, abandoning all others, to shape the future of our youth and build into the lives or precious little ones. This is my committed work until I retire, touching countless lives between now and then.

That sounds pretty good, right? All good intentions. That is who I thought I was. A good Christian, a devoted wife/a broken ex-fiancée, and a teacher.

But when I examined my life and looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. I wasn’t a very good Christian; I lived several years in partial (and sometimes total) rebellion against the Lord. I was still single; longing to be married, but no one worthy ever giving me a second glance. I didn’t have a teaching job; all my friends were about to reach tenure, while I was an assistant teacher and waiting tables.

This is what I know: The Lord wants us to find our identity in Him. Who I am isn’t comprised of how I earn money, who is next to me at night, or where I attend church. I am a child of the One True King. Woven throughout scripture we find verse after verse talking about Christ living within us (Galations 2:20; Galations 3:26-28; Colossians 3:3) through His Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), about how we are now children of the Most High (Romans 8:27). We are dead to ourselves and have new life in Him (2 Corinthians 5:17). We are a part of a body of believers with our own talents and gifts in which to contribute (1 Corinthians 12:27). We are made in His image (Ephesians 4:24), called for a purpose ( John 15:16; Philippians 1:6). Of course I can have a job, a church community, and relationships and still be within the Lords will, but that isn’t who I am.

who are you?

In Him,

I’m so sorry I’ve been away so long, but I’m back now (yay!).

I have a really fantastic reason why I was gone and both have to do with employing my time and effort.

Since beginning my essential oil journey, I’ve wanted to share this journey to as many people as I can! Not for the business side of things necessarily, but so that those I know can be healthier and wiser than they are now. I then decided to enroll and complete a “Business Builder’s Bootcamp” with my upline, again, so that I could become more effective with how I’m sharing and relating with others about the oils. I put in a daily, five week commitment; I had assignments, watched videos, worked with others collaboratively, listened to lectures and sermons, wrote goals, and made calculations. I haven’t worked that hard on something with that amount of consistency since college. And you know what? I loved it! And you wanna know what else? I was good at it! I performed well on the assignments and learned so much in the process! It was such a great experience. That being said, the Bootcamp is over (I’m a little bummed), and now I have much more time freed up for things like blogging!

Except for that other reason I’ve been away…

I accepted a job offer! I have struggled with finding work since we moved to this lovely state of Tennessee, but I finally have employment! I’ve been at home for three months, so this feels like a big adjustment, but I know that it’s merely me getting back in the swing of things. I am now a Nanny for two adorable children under the age of four and I’m really enjoying this growth opportunity. I know that this will only be for a season because of some family goals that Nate and I have, but this is still a great place for me to learn and teach.

I’ve really struggled with my identity as a woman and professional in the past year or so and I will write about that tomorrow. For now, have a great Monday and we’ll talk soon!!



a brave momma

I have to admit that writing the title of my blog today was…different. Different like exciting and new and unexpected, but different. You see, I’m writing  today about one of my best friends, a mentor, a sister in Christ. I’ve known her at least a decade, we’ve been roommates, we’ve worked together, we’ve grown up together. Her name is Adrienne (Ace) and now she is going to be a mom. Weird.

I say it’s weird in a we’re-too-young-for-this-right? kind of way. But we are more than the age, maturity, place in our lives to nurture other humans. The thought of being a mother scares me and excites me. I’m not a mother, yet. I have just a few close friends that have started the journey of expanding their family. Ace is extra brave and extra special because she is doing this alone.

Before you start sewing a scarlet letter to a coat, let me explain something about Adrienne.  She is one of the most Christ-like, God-fearing, prayer warriors that I have ever encountered. She has a heart for ministry and especially for unreached people groups for sharing the gospel, in addition to serving those in need where she lives. She’s been on and lead dozens of mission trips overseas. Adrienne is an amazing friend, mentor, and backbone to countless people–a true gift in many people’s lives (including my life!). She partners with Compassion International often, but mostly with her wonderful and beautiful sponsor children. The Lord has impressed upon her heart to take her personal compassion a step further and adopt a specific boy from Africa, her son Micah.

She explains her story far better than me at her website, Ace Hubbard. Please join with me to pray for her journey. I hope you are inspired by her faith and encouraged by her bravery, I know I am. If you are and if you’re able to give, please give generously. She is of the body of believers and I’m proud to stand with her as she follows Christ. I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to meet Micah!

In Him,


Don’t forget to check her story and website out here. Ace’s website was constructed by BayMac Media, one of my very good friends who is a wonderful guy and a talented man with a great team of people for support!


SOAP method in Bible studies


A couple of weeks ago, I said that I was starting a Bible study with the ladies over at Love God Greatly. For the next eight weeks, I will be studying the book of Esther. LGG created some great Bible studies that can even be found on You Version (app and website). For this particular study, every day we will read a passage from Esther, and then usually a connecting passage from the New Testament. LGG has also included a written devotional that connects to the passages and provides insights for your daily reading. I briefly talked about my excitement to start this over at this post, but today I’ll be talking about a particular method I’ll use daily to better understand scripture. Sure, I will take notes on the devotional, possibly dig deeper with the help of Google, but the SOAP method will be the best way for me to interact with scripture.

What is the SOAP Method? SOAP is an acronym standing for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. SOAP is a wonderful method to engage with Scripture, to work through the Word, and let the Word do work on you. I think this works best with smaller passages, a few verses, or even a single verse (like the kind that you need to memorize!)

  • Scripture You need to actually write the scripture down. Word for word, from whatever version of the Bible happens to be your favorite. Think about the words as your write them, write down the scripture’s address, and reread the verse when you finish this step.
  • Observation What do you notice about the scriptures? Is the speaker earnest in their delivery, using strong language, talking about the character of Jesus, or giving insight into the Kingdom of God? What’s going on here? What jumps out at you?
  • Application God speaks to His people in so many ways, but one way is through His Word. I love when I open my Bible and read exactly what I needed to read. How is this SOAP passage applicable to your life? What is the Holy Spirit trying to tell you? What is something that you cannot deny as a “next step” for you?
  • Prayer Be sincere, detailed, thorough, and personal in your prayers. I will let you know a little secret: there is no point in keeping things from God, both your wildest dreams and your deepest fears. He already knows them! Write a prayer expecting the Lord to do great things.  If you are a Christian, you need to approach the throne of grace with confidence and be confident in you being a child of the one true King.

SOAP is new to me, so I’m excited to see what the Lord will do as I dive deep into the Word. Have you used the SOAP method before? What has the Holy Spirit shown you while studying Scripture? Do you use other methods to help you hide the word in your heart?




Photo cred to No More Dirty Looks

ordering oils

My hope after reading about essential oils in general, why Young Living is so great, and about how to use common oils that you are left with the thought, “Sounds awesome! How do I get my hands on these things?”

Side note to help you understand me:

Please know my heart about Young Living essential oils: my heart is for your health, wealth, and abundance in Jesus. My hope is for your total wellness in your body, mind, and soul. I want you to be healthy and wise in how you live your life. I want you to seek His kingdom and His will to work through you with the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe that the oils are a beautiful gift from the Lord and His seed and His soul. Do I believe that every single tiny thing about Young Living is divine? No, because humans are running the place. Do I believe that YL is giving me a product that is pretty ding dang perfect to what God gave us to heal our broken world? Yes. I know that God gave us minds, some rather good ones, and we should also use the intelligence He gave us towards wellness. Agreed! However, I also keep in mind that our bodies are temples. He gave me this body to take care of, though I struggle daily with this. I feel strong convictions against chemicals and toxins being housed in the temple of the Holy Spirit. I believe that I am to be holy (set apart), and not just spiritually or mentally, but within my body as well.

If you choose a path of more natural, God-given wellness, then please consider joining me with Young Living! My team through YL, Baby Steps to Essential Oils and Oily Temples, both provide amazing support and education for this journey! The people there are encouraging and knowledgeable, ready and willing to help. I’m also there, so I’m all these things, too! 😉

So the way this works, is that you can be a Retail Customer or you can be a Wholesale Customer. Think of this like a membership to Costco or Sams (we just switched to Costco and LOVE THEM! I’ll tell you why sometime). When we signed up with Costco, we spent $50 and we were good for a year. We spend a little bit more because we’re buying in bulk, but for unit price and in the long run, we’re saving tons of money. Hey–kinda like with natural health! So, with Young Living, it’s very similar, except you pay $150 initially, but you never have to pay that again (NO yearly fee!).

The $150 Premium Starter Kit is by far the best value for your money.  Even at wholesale prices it’s the best value! Ordering the Basic or Basic Plus kits, in my opinion, is like paying the $50 at Costco and only buying a 50 pack of pens for the entire year of your membership. Sounds silly, right? If you want to be a wholesale member, don’t be silly. Order the Premium Starter Kit. Also, there is NO OBLIGATION to become a crazed network marketer and only have friends who are Young Living friends. No obligation to tell anyone about your oils…EVER. You can just buy the kit and then just use your 24% discount all your merry days without obligation to have parties in YL honor (but if you do, invite me–I’m a hoot at parties 😉 ). The Premium Starter Kit includes:

  • The Everyday Oils Kit that’s every oil that I talked about this week, except for Stress Away, because…
  • Bonus Oil: Stress Away!
  • A Home Diffuser this thing alone is $75 and I use ours every day–no joke
  • Wholesale Membership so you get a 24% discount on all products


There is a lovely price comparison and a brief, helpful video from Baby Steps here. On this page they also go into further detail about the support provided, particularly through Facebook. If you’re ready to hop in there and order the oils this instant, then do that thang here. If you’re cool  being a retail customer, you can do that at this link, too.

Whatever you do or do not choose, tell me below! What natural, healthy alternatives work in your life? Is there something that you love so much that you’d like to dedicate a whole week of a blog to? In what ways has God healed your life (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally)?

Keep it classy,


YL_ID_full_color Team Logo Purple


Disclaimer: All opinions made above are my own and not necessarily reflective of Young Living or others associated with Young Living. I am an Independent Distributer. These statements and sources have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The above is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek guidance from your doctor before incorporating anything new into your lifestyle.


using every day oils (part two)

Yesterday I shared with you about some really fantastic oils and some common uses for them. I’ll talk more about this in tomorrow’s post, but I bought these healing oils as part of the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Yesterday I introduced Lavender, Purification, Joy, Frankincense, and Lemon oils. There are tons of reasons to love each of these and I have a personal success story with many of them. Today I will introduce the last half of bottles in the Premium Starter Kit. The rest of the bottles in the Kit are  Pan Away, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Valor, Peppermint, and Stress Away.

Pan Away I’ll be honest, I haven’t used much of this one, but I haven’t been in much pain since we got the oils. I can’t wait to go back to my hometown and use this on my Papaw’s arthritic hand! For the sake of full disclosure, it does kinda smell like bengay, but thankfully it works similar to it as well! Pan Away is a blend by Young Living made with wintergreen, clove, helichrysum, and peppermint oils. It is a hot oil and should be kept away from children’s chest. This great blend is extra effective in conjunction with Valor (see more information about Valor below).  If pain is really bad, use Valor first, then Pan Away, and Peppermint last. Pan Away is also great by itself for the following reasons:

  • headaches put this on your thumb and press your thumb to the roof of your mouth
  • growing pains and sciatica rubbed on pained area with carrier oil.
  • arthritis
  • sore muscles this would go perfect in a warm bath with epsom salts
  • increase circulation
  • bruising
  • inflammation


Peace & Calming Oh how we love this at our house! This oil made my husband a believer! My husband was supportive of my oily journey from the beginning, but the very first night we had our Starter Kit, we diffused lavender at bed time and put Peace and Calming on our feet. The very first thing that Nate said the following morning was, “That stuff really works. I mean I still woke up a few times during the night, but I dreamed! I never dream.” When Nate doesn’t use Peace & Calming, he always regrets it the following morning because he doesn’t sleep as deeply. Peace & Calming is also great at:

  • aiding sleep I put this on my feet because it is a great absorption site
  • ADHD & Autism there are so many oils that have been shown to help symptoms of autism, I could point you in several directions if you need help with this (email me!).
  • asthma and bronchitis rubbed on chest neat or with carrier
  • teeth grinding on feet vita flex points
  • depression/anxiety
  • overactive pets Peace & Calming smells great when diffused, calming when inhaled (win-win!).


Thieves Another one of Nate’s favs. He likes the smell and the name :). The legend of Thieves goes that during the time of the black plague, there were robbers (thieves!) who would go into the homes of those who had already died. To remind you, the black plague was pretty contagious–like they would just burn homes to contain the plague instead of properly 28DA5705-815C-4ABB-ABC0-C9E25EB30F1Adisposing and taking care of dead bodies. Anyway, these robbers would remain healthy. The reason is that these people knew of a specific blend of spices that would protect them from the plague. Young Living’s blend is based upon this legend. Thieves is great in your body, around your home, and even outside the home! I use Thieves for cleaning, for diffusing, and for keeping away pre-flu season yuckiness. This awesomeness of Thieves is not limited to, but includes the following:

  • antibacterial properties Thieves has been shown to kill 99.96% of bacteria
  • sickness prevention a few drops of thieves in hot tea, diffuse for inhalation, a drop under the tongue (hot oil!)
  • strep throat gargle with water
  • cold sores
  • cold and flu for diffusing, under tongue
  • kills airborne bacteria by diffusing
  • disinfectant on surfaces make your own cleaning products! (recipe to come)
  • supports mouth health helps fight gingivitis, swish like mouthwash!
  • insect repellant I just spray my thieves cleaner in nooks and crannies near windows and such
  • soothe a sore throat hot water, lemon, thieves, and honey


Valor  Valor is a blend from Young Living that is often called “an adjustment in a bottle.” I mentioned Valor earlier as working well in conjunction with Pan Away. Many have found success using Valor on their back before and after a chiropractic visit, and they find that the adjustment comes easier and stays longer. One of my mentors, Ladonna Beals, had a large hump in her back that didn’t let her sit up straight (among other complications). She attributes her ability to stand up straight with virtually no hump to her using Valor (and Pan Away).

  • snoring rub on the bottom of your big toe on your right foot–crazy, but true!
  • back pain apply neat to hurting area
  • emotional strength
  • bed wetting/nightmares diffuse or apply to feet at night (for children under 10, always dilute essential oils)
  • sciatica
  • sleep apnea
  • TMJ
  • thyroid balance apply directly


Peppermint-Leaves-231x300Peppermint This is another favorite oil at our house! My husband and I get up early a few mornings every week to go work out. Nate applies a drop of peppermint under the tongue and I swear it wakes us up! I mean, our bodies are still tired, but we aren’t sleepy anymore! The first morning Nate put peppermint under his tongue, I had been up late the night before, didn’t get up early with him to go to the gym, and had full intentions of napping a little longer once he left for work. I gave him a goodbye kiss at the door and that was all it took! I couldn’t go back to sleep! Amazing. If you haven’t tuned in to the blog for this entire  series this week, you may have missed a couple of fun facts about peppermint essential oil.  For example, in tests in Japan, when peppermint and lemon oil were diffused in an office and testing environments, those observed made fewer errors (clerical) in their work. Also, one drop of YL peppermint oil has the potency of 24 cups of peppermint tea. So cool. I have also had a lot of success using peppermint oil when I have a headache, to keep it from becoming a migraine.

Don’t forget that peppermint is a hot oil…that means that it may be more comfortable for you if it is diluted with a carrier oil on your skin. With all oils and children, they need to be applied to their sweet, sensitive skin with a carrier. Also, be very careful with children’s trunk and chest areas with hot oils. This can negative effect their respiratory system and breathing. Here’s some reasons why peppermint is awesome; it can help you with:

  • headaches
  • allergies
  • nasua, motion sickness, morning sickness, and stomach bugs applied directly to belly or inhale it!
  • indigestion, gas, and acid reflux my mentor Ladonna, who I mentioned earlier, used to have severe acid reflux. She applies peppermint oil to her stomach from sternum to belly button and she puts the oil in hot water in the evening to create a tea. She lives free of reflux and Tums now!
  • concentration
  • eczema and psoriasis
  • pain relief
  • fevers


Stress Away Holy Canoli, I LOVE Stress Away! Before I received my Starter Kit, I heard many people talking about how great Joy smelled and how many people use Joy as a perfume. I highly recommend Stress Away as a perfume! I love it!! It has vanilla and lime notes in it that are delicious. I just keep the bottle in my purse at all times. When I apply this, Nate always asks, “Are you stressed?” and I almost always say, “Nope, I just love the smell.” He says that he always asks just for that one time that I am stressed ;). Stress Away is actually a “bonus oil” with the Premium Starter Kit. If you choose to join YL, know that we are more special than those of Starter Kits past…we get a bonus oil! haha.

  • stress relief for humans and animals
  • PMS headache relief
  • ADHD
  • many stories with Stress Away success are connected to emotional issues: constipation from stress, interview anxiety relief, tantrums from children in new situations, etc.


Are you intrigued? Do you deal with any of the stresses or ailments that I’ve mentioned the last couple of days?  Do you wish for a natural alternative to help you get healthier? Come back and see me tomorrow for more information.



YL_ID_full_color Team Logo Purple

Disclaimer: All opinions made above are my own and not necessarily reflective of Young Living or others associated with Young Living. I am an Independent Distributer. These statements and sources have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The above is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek guidance from your doctor before incorporating anything new into your lifestyle.

Photo Cred: Mama Marcie and Scent & Scentabilities

using every day oils (part one)

Now that I have shared why I love using essential oils and why I especially love Young Living as a company, I want to share some specific uses of wonderful oils! Let me first say I love the fact that the Lord knew that we would need something to help us in this broken world. He gave us the plants, leaves, and resins to help us stay healthy and well. I love choosing remedies that are natural with no side effects.

I’ll explain this more on Friday, but when I signed up to be a member with Young Living, I only focused on being a wholesale customer and not a distributer. When I signed up, I chose the Premium Starter Kit not only because of the great value for the entire package that I was receiving, but I got a ton of great oils! I received Lavender, Purification, Joy, Frankincense, Lemon, PanAway, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Valor, Peppermint, and a bonus bottle of Stress Away. Today I’ll tell you about the first half of that list and tomorrow I’ll tell you about the last oils in that list, including why I wear Stress Away every day!

Before I explain about specific oils, let me say that oils can be used on the body in three waysingestion, topical application, or inhalation. You can put these oils (I can guarantee most Young Living oils) into your body. I often put citrus oils in my water, my husband puts peppermint under his tongue, or I sometimes press lavender to the roof of my mouth. This is okay! Some people even buy empty vegetable caps and ingest oils that way. Essential oils can also be applied directly to the skin. I mentioned a couple of days ago that your skin is your biggest organ. Take care of what you put on it! Oils are fine applied by themselves (neat), however some oils are “hot” oils. This means that they may feel tingly or burn, but not hurt your skin. With these oils, you may want to use a carrier oil which is any kind of fatty oil. Olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil are popular choices to dilute an oil for your skin and to help an oil spread across your skin easier (and farther!). You can apply the oils straight to the effected area, or to vita flex points on the hands or feet. Lastly, oils can be inhaled. Taking deep breaths of peppermint has helped keep a migraine at bay for me. With our awesome Starter Kit, we also received an oil diffuser. I live in an apartment complex that was…ahem…cheaper to live in while my husband and I become acclimated to a new city. With our new apartment came strange, stale, and smokey smells. I diffuse oil (Purification, Thieves, and others) every day and our apartment doesn’t smell yucky anymore! Even when the diffuser isn’t running! Without further ado, let me explain some of my favs:

Lavender-Plant-Flower-Farm-590x300Lavender Lavender is a single oil and it is like a first aid kit in a bottle, or a “swiss army knife of oils.” I use lavender EVERY day! I have an eczema patch on my arm that has all but disappeared with the use of lavender every day for the past few weeks. Lavender aids in my relaxation and in sleep for my husband (Nate) and I. Lavender has uses in the following ways:

  • insomnia to aid with sleep and relaxation
  • earaches never put an EO in the ear directly! You can rub them neat or diluted around the back of the ear or on the lobes of the ears
  • cuts, burns, and bug bites great first aid care and certainly something that needs to be “kick started” (apply oil every minute for 10 minutes, every ten minutes for an hour, and every hour for the rest of the waking day)
  • allergies apply to roof of mouth with thumb, swab inside of cheeks or nose
  • sunburns, eczema, diaper rash when I use this for my eczema, I use this neat on my skin for a little extra potency, but it doesn’t irritate my skin at all (I’ve never heard of it being an irritant).
  • ADHD and anxiety there are so many oils that can be helpful with ADHD, and lavender is just one of them. We often diffuse this at nighttime to help us calm down and get ready for bed.
  • balance blood pressure lavender doesn’t raise or lower blood pressure to extremes, it is a balancer. I’ve been advised to warn others that lavender needs to be taken more than an hour outside of blood pressure medication time.


Purification Oh how I love purification! Not only does it smell awesome, I attribute purification to purifying my apartment from all kinds of yucky smells–a “purifying powerhouse.” It kills bacteria and mold in the air. I often diffuse Purification alone or with Joy, Valor, or Lemon. Purification is also great on the skin. Here’s other ideas for this Young Living’s essential oil blend:

  • insect repellant can be sprayed directly onto skin, but it may spread better with a carrier oil
  • insect bites can be improved, heal, and have the itch taken away with Purification
  • earaches Purification rubbed along the bone outside the ear
  • air odors eliminates bacteria in the air…makes me happy!
  • acne this paired with lavender and oregano topically on skin and internally with a capsule
  • candida/yeast overgrowth either under the tongue and/or rubbed exactly where the purifying needs to take place (no sensitive areas, though!)


Joy This blend of oils has a pleasant scent, very rosy and…girly? Many use Joy as a perfume, this “nectar of happiness.”

  • skin care because the oils can be drying, I would use this with a coconut oil
  • depression/mood swings I can attest to this when diffused
  • poison ivy because the ivy is so tough on your skin, I’d use this neat to get rid of the poison ivy and worry about the moisturizing later!
  • stress some people have found success with applying Joy over the heart
  • massage y’hear that, Nate?


6831075010_f69ca4b1db_zFrankincense that’s right, like what Jesus received at his birth by the Wise Men. Lavender is one of my favorites, but Frankincense is up there as another fav! Frankincense was “valued more than gold” in ancient times and it is mentioned in the Bible twenty-two times. Often when “incense” is written in the Bible, they are speaking of frankincense (you know how translations go). Frank, as I call him because we’re besties, is a “gift of wellness.” Since the year began, I have been working very hard to get rid of the commercial cleaning and self-care products in our home to cut down on the chemicals and toxins. This is one of those oils that I will use like crazy when I can create more products for the home. Frank paired with lavender and lemon is a winning combo for your face–for acne, wrinkles, sun spots, and moisturizing! Other reasons to love Frank:

  • skin care with wrinkles and scars frank repairs skin cells (like lavender) to help with scarring and wrinkles
  • depression and anxiety applied on the head, under nose, or under the tongue
  • moles, stretch marks, skin tags I’ve seen and read so many testimonies of skin tags and moles disappearing with the use of frankincense
  • immune support and stimulant if frank can repair the cells on the surface of your body, is is really far-fetched to think that he could do it for the cells within the body?
  • cysts and fibroids applied to the cyst if visible, apply outside of skin if not (for example the lower abdomen if ovarian cyst). You can also apply this to vita flex points.
  • reduce the amount/size of cancer cells stay with me–Dr. H. K. Lin, MD has found that cancer cells shrink and even disappear in his lab using YL Frankincense oil. Yes, this is in a lab. No, the FDA hasn’t noticed. No, this hasn’t been proven in hundreds of cases in studies.(There is also more here). Can we just rejoice that something is holding promise, even if it’s just a little? Plenty of drugs and treatments for cancer have various percentages of effectiveness. Can we please just be happy that a natural essential oil that Jesus used himself could help us? Okay…I’ll hop off that soap box. I’m done defending my man, Frank.


6a00d83452addc69e201a511f634ab970c-320wiLemon this stuff is cleansing sunshine! My favorite uses for lemon oils is to put it in my water for a gentle detox and it fills me up a bit. A word of caution to putting oils ins. Young Living oils are so awesome, they dissolve petrochemicals like those found in plastics and styrofoam. This stuff can literally melt plastic. I don’t want you to drink plastic, so remember to use stainless steel containers of glass when mixing oils with water. Don’t worry, lemon eo doesn’t dissolve the lining of your stomach or anything, it just helps restore balance. I also diffuse it for an uplifting mood and to help me concentrate. In tests in Japan, when peppermint and lemon oil were diffused in an office and testing environments, those observed made fewer errors (clerical) in their work. Many citrus oils are photosensitive, so if you do apply it to your skin, don’t expose that skin to UV rays for 12-24 hours, or you’ll temporarily turn orange! Other reasons that lemon is awesome:

  • alkalizing lemon EO is great for changing your belly from acidic to alkaline, which is what you want! This just means that when your stomach gets out of whack, this oil can help set things right.
  • UTI help when used in water, can cleanse body. Don’t forget to put it in stainless steel or glass!
  • thin mucus with respiratory infections when applied to chest with a carrier oil. You may have to kick start this one
  • kidney stones help those puppies pass!
  • depression and concentration Did I mention that EOs pass the the blood-brain barrier? The blood-brain barrier is that wall of high density cells that protects our brains from foreign substances. Fortunately, Young Living essential oils are good for you! Healing for you! Healthy for you! So I am absolutely excited that lemon eo could help my family members who struggle with depression.
  • immune stimulant with regular ingestion
  • cleansing as I said before, lemon eo can dissolve petrochemicals, I know that it helps to detox my body, especially my liver and intestines
  • fungal growth again, it is cleansing! Topical application is fine, just be mindful of your sun exposure.


Tomorrow I’ll continue talking about these every day oils and their uses. I’ll tell you about PanAway, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Valor, Peppermint, and Stress Away. Have you seen success with any of these in your life? Do you have any testimonies similar to mine? Do tell (below)!


Until we meet again,


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Disclaimer: All opinions made above are my own and not necessarily reflective of Young Living or others associated with Young Living. I am an Independent Distributer. These statements and sources have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The above is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please seek guidance from your doctor before incorporating anything new into your diet.

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why I chose Young Living

I’ve used health food store’s essential oils for years. I’ve enjoyed putting them in cleaning products, health care products, and even medicinally with headaches. I’ve never had any issues with the use of these oils and I’ve never thought of the dangers or the quality of these oils.

But here’s something that shocked me: according to the FDA, only 5-10% of an oil is required in a bottle for the bottle to read 100% essential oil. So take that “100% essential peppermint oil” at the health food store. Only 5-10% of the bottle is required to be peppermint oil and the rest of the bottle may be carrier oils or synthetic oils. Who knows? I don’t know. This is when I started looking towards higher quality oils and I stumbled upon Young Living and the Baby Steps team on social media (Pinterest, maybe?).

I’m SO glad that I ran across YL and the Baby Steps team! Then when my starter kit came, I was SO happy to use the oils. I’m still happy to use the oils!! So here’s why I chose Young Living:

Young Living has twenty plus years of experience. Gary Young began working with essential oils in his garage in the ’80s. Now Young Living has farms around the word and millions of users (and believers!). Young Living is a leader and pioneer in essential oils research and distillation processes.

Young Living oil is organic, tested, and held to a high standard. Young Living controls their oil’s quality from the seed that goes into the ground on their own farms around the world, all the way to the bottle that they ship directly to you. You can actually visit the farms and participate in the harvest and distillation process. Sometimes YL runs out of oils to sell because they refuse to lower their quality in their farms, distillation, and other processes. They also don’t want to simply bottle someone else’s plant or rebottle someone else’s oil. Each batch of oil is tested for quality.


Young Living also has a Seed to Seal Process. You can read more about the process here, but know that Young Living has high standards starting with their seeds, to how they cultivate their plants on their farms, their distillation process, how they test their batches and products , all the way to their seal.

Young Living is very pure and has a lot of variety. Young Living oils don’t have an expiration date. How cool is that?! Young Living oils are also safe for ingestion. For years while using other brands I would read about how they were not safe for ingestion and how some of them even required to user to wear gloves. What? Now there are some oils that are “hot,” which just meals that they may make your skin feel tingly and even burn, but not harm you–think peppermint oil. Many people suggest a “carrier oil” which is any kind of fatty oil like coconut or olive oil to help spread and dilute an oil for ease of application and to reduce the “heat.” Young Living also has over 120 single oils and blends to choose from for your overall health. And sooooo many of the oils have multiple uses!

You know how I mentioned earlier that a store-bought bottle only needs 10% of said 512dc08687d04e3cc299c910f990b3f4essential oil in their bottle? Young Living’s every drop is high quality, potent oil. One drop of YL peppermint oil has the potency of 24 cups of peppermint tea. That’s awesome! It takes 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. Twenty-seven square feet of lavender plants are require for a 15ml bottle of lavender essential oil. Lastly, it takes one pound of raw peppermint material to make a 15ml bottle of peppermint essential oil. Let that sink in before complaining of their prices and before considering other company’s quality. These were big factors for me, personally.

Reasons We Choose


Disclosure: The above is from my Baby Steps Team. I also drew information from here, here, here, and here.  These products and information are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or injury.

I’ll continue our discussion tomorrow! Does any of the above sound awesome to you?



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