I’m so sorry I’ve been away so long, but I’m back now (yay!).

I have a really fantastic reason why I was gone and both have to do with employing my time and effort.

Since beginning my essential oil journey, I’ve wanted to share this journey to as many people as I can! Not for the business side of things necessarily, but so that those I know can be healthier and wiser than they are now. I then decided to enroll and complete a “Business Builder’s Bootcamp” with my upline, again, so that I could become more effective with how I’m sharing and relating with others about the oils. I put in a daily, five week commitment; I had assignments, watched videos, worked with others collaboratively, listened to lectures and sermons, wrote goals, and made calculations. I haven’t worked that hard on something with that amount of consistency since college. And you know what? I loved it! And you wanna know what else? I was good at it! I performed well on the assignments and learned so much in the process! It was such a great experience. That being said, the Bootcamp is over (I’m a little bummed), and now I have much more time freed up for things like blogging!

Except for that other reason I’ve been away…

I accepted a job offer! I have struggled with finding work since we moved to this lovely state of Tennessee, but I finally have employment! I’ve been at home for three months, so this feels like a big adjustment, but I know that it’s merely me getting back in the swing of things. I am now a Nanny for two adorable children under the age of four and I’m really enjoying this growth opportunity. I know that this will only be for a season because of some family goals that Nate and I have, but this is still a great place for me to learn and teach.

I’ve really struggled with my identity as a woman and professional in the past year or so and I will write about that tomorrow. For now, have a great Monday and we’ll talk soon!!




Thoughts? Questions? Quips?

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