why I chose Young Living

I’ve used health food store’s essential oils for years. I’ve enjoyed putting them in cleaning products, health care products, and even medicinally with headaches. I’ve never had any issues with the use of these oils and I’ve never thought of the dangers or the quality of these oils.

But here’s something that shocked me: according to the FDA, only 5-10% of an oil is required in a bottle for the bottle to read 100% essential oil. So take that “100% essential peppermint oil” at the health food store. Only 5-10% of the bottle is required to be peppermint oil and the rest of the bottle may be carrier oils or synthetic oils. Who knows? I don’t know. This is when I started looking towards higher quality oils and I stumbled upon Young Living and the Baby Steps team on social media (Pinterest, maybe?).

I’m SO glad that I ran across YL and the Baby Steps team! Then when my starter kit came, I was SO happy to use the oils. I’m still happy to use the oils!! So here’s why I chose Young Living:

Young Living has twenty plus years of experience. Gary Young began working with essential oils in his garage in the ’80s. Now Young Living has farms around the word and millions of users (and believers!). Young Living is a leader and pioneer in essential oils research and distillation processes.

Young Living oil is organic, tested, and held to a high standard. Young Living controls their oil’s quality from the seed that goes into the ground on their own farms around the world, all the way to the bottle that they ship directly to you. You can actually visit the farms and participate in the harvest and distillation process. Sometimes YL runs out of oils to sell because they refuse to lower their quality in their farms, distillation, and other processes. They also don’t want to simply bottle someone else’s plant or rebottle someone else’s oil. Each batch of oil is tested for quality.


Young Living also has a Seed to Seal Process. You can read more about the process here, but know that Young Living has high standards starting with their seeds, to how they cultivate their plants on their farms, their distillation process, how they test their batches and products , all the way to their seal.

Young Living is very pure and has a lot of variety. Young Living oils don’t have an expiration date. How cool is that?! Young Living oils are also safe for ingestion. For years while using other brands I would read about how they were not safe for ingestion and how some of them even required to user to wear gloves. What? Now there are some oils that are “hot,” which just meals that they may make your skin feel tingly and even burn, but not harm you–think peppermint oil. Many people suggest a “carrier oil” which is any kind of fatty oil like coconut or olive oil to help spread and dilute an oil for ease of application and to reduce the “heat.” Young Living also has over 120 single oils and blends to choose from for your overall health. And sooooo many of the oils have multiple uses!

You know how I mentioned earlier that a store-bought bottle only needs 10% of said 512dc08687d04e3cc299c910f990b3f4essential oil in their bottle? Young Living’s every drop is high quality, potent oil. One drop of YL peppermint oil has the potency of 24 cups of peppermint tea. That’s awesome! It takes 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. Twenty-seven square feet of lavender plants are require for a 15ml bottle of lavender essential oil. Lastly, it takes one pound of raw peppermint material to make a 15ml bottle of peppermint essential oil. Let that sink in before complaining of their prices and before considering other company’s quality. These were big factors for me, personally.

Reasons We Choose


Disclosure: The above is from my Baby Steps Team. I also drew information from here, here, here, and here.  These products and information are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or injury.

I’ll continue our discussion tomorrow! Does any of the above sound awesome to you?



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