a new journey begins

I’ve never been much of a salesperson. I waited tables in college (aaaaand for a little while after college), and I had trouble “selling” appetizers and loaded baked potatoes to my guests. It wasn’t until the last couple of years of my five year waitressing experience that I could spit out, “I’ll get your drinks…Did y’all want to start off with fried pickles or cheese fries? Okay I’ll be right back!” Whew, that makes me slightly nervous just thinking about it. The weird part is that I’m social, friendly, and outgoing.

Back to sales and business: I don’t know that I’ve ever even taken a business or marketing class. I have an education degree. I’ve always enjoyed children more than adults (sorry, y’all) and I’ve only ever considered a career in teaching as my life’s work.

Some things have changed. Now, I still love being with and teaching children. Though I haven’t found a job in a school system since we moved, I’d still enjoy teaching if the opportunity presented itself. However, I am not laser-focused on teaching as the major consumption of my time and energy, outside of my family and the Lord, of course. For the past year, I have gone through professional experiences (challenges, disappointment, and rejection in the workplace), personal experiences (getting married and all the funness that comes with melding your independent life with another), and religious experiences (a life-changing Bible study called Story Formed Life) that have shaped the shift in mindset that I’m still working through. Now I see possibilities of homemaking, sewing, gardening, homesteading, my role as a full-time wife & mother, teaching, learning, leadership, bible studies, and yes…business!

Hubby (Nate) and I have talked about selling our goods and services when we can. His woodworking, my sewing projects, the soap we make, the cleaning and self-care products I make, the SCOBYs we grow, and other works are all things that have crossed our mind. We now have a new opportunity.

Before I share that opportunity, let me say that I have been on a journey for a more natural life and home for a while now, and I recruited my husband when we got married. We are working toward getting chemicals out of our home and using whole foods and less processed foods in our diet. For example, we’ve made our own shampoo (no chemicals or parabens) and kombucha (a fermented probiotic drink made from green tea) and we are collecting resources to make our own soap and Nate makes a loaf of bread for us every week.

I have always been interested in alternative medicine, mostly because of the influence of my sweet Grandma Betty. Recently, I have stumbled across the wonderful benefits of natural essential oils on our health. These oils do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. But based on the experiences I have had and others have had, I know they are beneficial for overall well being. I, and others, have used oils to replace over the counter medications in addition to helping others combat more serious health problems.

I have chosen to become a part of Young Living Essential Oil team. There are many reasons why I chose Young Living, and I will share those reasons next week in my serious about the Basics of Essential Oils. I’ve been using essential oils in our home since August first and I have seen a change in my health already! I’m part of a wonderfully supportive group of women, my Baby Steps team, I have a strong and driven mentor over at Oily Temples, and I’m proud to work through a company that is so well respected (for good reason!).

Check in next week as I talk about the Basics and answer the following questions:

  • What are essential oils?
  • Why Young Living?
  • How do you get oils and what can I use them for?
  • What are your (Kate’s) experiences with them?


Do you use essential oils for health? If you have questions, please ask and tune in next week!



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Thoughts? Questions? Quips?

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