why I’m here

Hello world! I’m Katelin. For years I’ve gone back and forth in my mind about writing a blog or starting a website. I am so exciting to start writing for the ever-expanding blogosphere!

I’m here to be an encouragement as a sister in Christ (seeking the Kingdom, thus the “crowns”). To explore marriage, family & friend relationships, and eventually motherhood.

To share food recipes that my family enjoys. To help keep me accountable as we seek whole foods (like kale!) and minimizing junk. To share my various experiments that my loving husband, Nate, endures (like Kombucha). To give guidelines for health and share what has worked for me.

To show you my craft projects, give you ideas, and encourage you to create in your own home. To share how essential oils are changing my life, home, and health. To share how we stretch our money and strive to live frugal, more simple lives.

My hope is to become a part of a community here and to share my life, knowledge and skills with you on Crowns, Kale, and Kate.




Thoughts? Questions? Quips?

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